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day by day my teeth are improving 🤩

Hello, here I am happy, my teeth are already almost united only at 11 and a week and my results are much better every day than if it is true that they are a bit uncomfortable but it is worth it I only wear them at night to sleep Because during the day I can't, it's impossible, but if I sleep every night with my Looshie encouragement, it's worth it 😉

It works!!!

I had 2 teeth that were a little crooked so figured it wasn’t worth spending thousands on braces or other aligners. I saw Looshie on an Instagram ad and although I was skeptical, figured it was worth a shot. First few nights it was painful (which is a good sign that it’s working and teeth are being moves) and I would often wake up and take them out. I decided that a few hours was better than none so little by little it became more comfortable the more I would wear them. Given that I wouldn’t wear them the full recommended hours daily, it did take a little longer to see results but finally after 1 month I noticed my teeth straightening out and I couldn’t believe it or be more happy!!! I believe in another month they should be where I want them to be. Pictures attached are exactly 1 month results... it actually works! (I only got the soft aligners bc of the minor issue I had)

It actually works!

I have relatively straight teeth since I had braces when I was younger. But I stopped wearing my retainer and I have one tooth that sticks out a bit and it's been bothering me for a while. Since my case is pretty minor, I'd say it worked really well at a fraction of the cost of braces again. I've only had the aligner for a week and have seen great improvements and I can see it getting better as I continue wearing it. It is pretty painful on your gums, but it does align the teeth :) I only purchased the hard aligner.

3 weeks done

I wore braces before but the gap in my 2 front teeth has resurfaced. I don't want to spend a lot of money again so I ordered these. I am done with the third week. I plan to follow the instructions of 1-2 month for the soft one eventhough I have worn braces before. I just don't want to mess my teeth by being impulsive. I am still having mixed feelings because my gaps aren't closing yet and some of my teeth were moving into directions that I ain't liking, especially with the lower ones. But there are small gaps at the side that are closing. Anyway, to those who were complaining about the pain, you think this don't happen in braces? Lol so funny. As for customer service, they are very helpful. I will try to post again if there are improvements.

I’m so shocked I can’t stop smiling!

Ok so yeah I was skeptical at first, I’d been quoted anything between £3000 to £6000 to straighten my teeth and it’s just not money I have lying around. But at the same time I was getting so beyond fed up at seeing all of the beautiful smiles of my kids and husband in photos, so I thought why not?
I’m only on stage two right now as I’m scheduled to have my wisdom teeth out so once they are gone I’m going for number three, but even so the difference is amazing!!!
Well take a look for yourselves.

I need appointment

First step

I just sent off for my bundle the soft and hard. I’ve got crowed teeth at the bottom. Let the journey began!! I’ll keep you updated..This BEFORE


i’ve been using looshie for about a week now and it’s absolutely stunning how fast it worked for me! i was skeptical at first but soon as i saw them shifting i was shocked! i recommend for people with not to bad teeth or have had braces in the past and don’t wanna spend 2000+ to get them straight again. i’ll keep updating

4 days difference

Because my teeth are quite crowded I haven’t encountered quite a lot of pressure however, after seeing the results after 4 days I am very impressed. Only negative I have is the flap on the aligner rubs quite a bit on the roof of my mouth and I’ve had to buy some bongela however, all around happy

Just received

I don’t feel any pressure yet
Will post results in 2months

Amazing Results

This is probably the best 40$ dollars I've ever spent!!!!! I was getting ready to get Invisalign ($1800) but decided to try these first. It's only been a couple of weeks but I can already see the difference! I will post back if I encounter any issues but so far so good. They take a little getting used to, the first few nights I couldn't get through the whole night with them, but now are perfectly fine. I only use them over night and when I'm at home. I used the soft set for the first week but am now using the hard set (I'm a bit impatient). There is a slight discomfort as the teeth adjust but nothing intolerable. Compared to spending hundreds more on invisalign I would certainly give these a shot!!!!!! UPDATE AFTER 5 MONTHS: I LOVE THE PRODUCT, CHECK OUT MY PHOTO!

5 stars

One month in and my mouth looks very different.
I'm sticking to the rules, so soft first, hard second. It's working out. Slight discomfort in the shifting, but nothing I didn't see coming.
I'm thinking about doing 4 months each case (based off of how quickly my teeth shifted in 1 month). I'm very happy with my results so far, and will update my review.

It actually WORKS!

My son has been using these for almost 3 months now. He wear the soft during the day for a few hours and sleep with the hard. I’ve noticed a big change at the way his teeth look like. He stated they hurt the first few days. But get use to them they do work!!! I have his floss and brush before putting them in.

I wanted to really test these teeth aligner for a good amount before giving my opinion on them.
You get two sets of retainer braces, one soft and one hard. Start with soft.
I've been using the soft brace for about 2 months off and on and I'm pleasantly surprised at the results I got. I have slightly crooked teeth along with a pretty severe overbite. I started using the soft brace first mostly at night (I'll explain why in a moment) and I was suprised at how quickly I saw results. After about 2 weeks of wearing the soft brace for about 4 hours each night my teeth started to become straighter after every use and my overbite is slowly becoming less noticeable.
I'm going to tell you how I wear them and some tips I think would be handy for some people.
First off, I don't recommend wearing them during the day if you have things to do, since your teeth are being moved your mouth will be sore and it will be very uncomfortable to eat. I wear them at night and after I've eaten to avoid this. Trust me you don't want to walk around with a sore mouth all day. I also recommend brushing your teeth before wearing the brace. Also remember to clean the aligner with water before and after use. I've only used the soft brace for a little over 2 months but I'm already very happy with the results. I will probably begin using the hard brace after 6-8 months, which is much sturdier.
Overall this is an incredible product for the price, I saved thousand of dollars on braces. However with that said I would only recommend these to people with slightly crooked or messed up teeth, these aren't an all in one solution. Depending on the severity of your teeth these may or may not improve your teeth. I'm fortunate to have only slightly crooked teeth.
If you are wanting to give them a try I would definitely recommend this product.

Does the retainer assist with creating a proper tongue placement and a proper bridge of the mouth? It almost looks like the design would assist in these areas (which would be great) but I don’t know, since I have yet to order your product. I also have no rating to give, not having tried your product, and myself being a skeptic. (The rating is required to post even questions) . If anyone from the company could answer, what I could not find on the site, that would provide much reassurance.

Hello Jes,

For any question please contact us at support@looshie.com or on our social media.

Best regards,
Looshie Team

I just receive mine and I wear it right now. It’s hurt a lot but I guess its normal. Lets see if its work or nah


day by day my teeth are improving

Waiting to see if works

Just received order. Just wondering whether I’ve been sent 2 soft one’s instead of a soft and hard kit. What’s the difference between the soft and hard kit..they LOOK and FEEL exactly the same!?
Cheers, any help appreciated

For the soft and hard trainers we use the same material but the gap on the product is different and based on that, the pressure that is applied on the teeth is different. After making tests on hundreds of people, we managed to develop the right shape and size for the trainers so they will straighten your teeth.

The soft trainer has a strength level of 40% and is putting only a slight pressure on the teeth to shift their position, it was made for the first 2 months.

The hard trainer has a strength level of 60%, the pressure level is higher and is acting different on your teeth, shifting and maintaining them in the correct position and we recommend you to use it on the 3rd and 4th month.

Also, there is no visual difference between the two of them that can be observed by you but the difference can be noticed once you use the kit accordingly.

It def works

I was skeptical about it. I’m nuts about my teeth and though they are nice , my bottom tooth is crooked and protrudes and the top has started years ago also. I also have an overbite that makes my teeth shift as well. On day 3 and I Almost cried seeing results already. I am sore when i wake and I have a little irritation behind my bottom teeth from it but that seems to be less today. I’m doing 2 months soft as suggested until I move to the hard retaining. It’s a win win especially if ur a grinder. I rather sleep in them because it keeps my jaw straight as well. I saw these for 8.99$ on another site but I’m
Not sure the material is safe to have in mouth for hours. So be safe and stay with looshie. FDA approved material.


Does this help with spaces teeth?

Very good quality product, very high standard of customer service, couldn’t recommend enough

Looshie Smile are a fantastic company, from there customer service to the experience for easy ordering. Great Company.

Really happy with how things turned out products came in on time and everything was there. Also I noticed a big change me after just a couple uses.

Best teeth aligner product around!