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Amazing Results

This is probably the best 40$ dollars I've ever spent!!!!! I was getting ready to get Invisalign ($1800) but decided to try these first. It's only been a couple of weeks but I can already see the difference! I will post back if I encounter any issues but so far so good. They take a little getting used to, the first few nights I couldn't get through the whole night with them, but now are perfectly fine. I only use them over night and when I'm at home. I used the soft set for the first week but am now using the hard set (I'm a bit impatient). There is a slight discomfort as the teeth adjust but nothing intolerable. Compared to spending hundreds more on invisalign I would certainly give these a shot!!!!!! UPDATE AFTER 5 MONTHS: I LOVE THE PRODUCT, CHECK OUT MY PHOTO!

5 stars

One month in and my mouth looks very different.
I'm sticking to the rules, so soft first, hard second. It's working out. Slight discomfort in the shifting, but nothing I didn't see coming.
I'm thinking about doing 4 months each case (based off of how quickly my teeth shifted in 1 month). I'm very happy with my results so far, and will update my review.

It actually WORKS!

My son has been using these for almost 3 months now. He wear the soft during the day for a few hours and sleep with the hard. I’ve noticed a big change at the way his teeth look like. He stated they hurt the first few days. But get use to them they do work!!! I have his floss and brush before putting them in.

I wanted to really test these teeth aligner for a good amount before giving my opinion on them.
You get two sets of retainer braces, one soft and one hard. Start with soft.
I've been using the soft brace for about 2 months off and on and I'm pleasantly surprised at the results I got. I have slightly crooked teeth along with a pretty severe overbite. I started using the soft brace first mostly at night (I'll explain why in a moment) and I was suprised at how quickly I saw results. After about 2 weeks of wearing the soft brace for about 4 hours each night my teeth started to become straighter after every use and my overbite is slowly becoming less noticeable.
I'm going to tell you how I wear them and some tips I think would be handy for some people.
First off, I don't recommend wearing them during the day if you have things to do, since your teeth are being moved your mouth will be sore and it will be very uncomfortable to eat. I wear them at night and after I've eaten to avoid this. Trust me you don't want to walk around with a sore mouth all day. I also recommend brushing your teeth before wearing the brace. Also remember to clean the aligner with water before and after use. I've only used the soft brace for a little over 2 months but I'm already very happy with the results. I will probably begin using the hard brace after 6-8 months, which is much sturdier.
Overall this is an incredible product for the price, I saved thousand of dollars on braces. However with that said I would only recommend these to people with slightly crooked or messed up teeth, these aren't an all in one solution. Depending on the severity of your teeth these may or may not improve your teeth. I'm fortunate to have only slightly crooked teeth.
If you are wanting to give them a try I would definitely recommend this product.

I’m still waiting for my order to arrive I’ve had an email saying it’s been dispatched but nothing else


Hi my teeth are in pretty good condition however I do have afew teeth that have slightly moved, which one would I get the soft or hard


I bought the kit and started wearing it, but on the first day I chewed through the soft aligner. I could feel the pressure on my teeth but still not worth money if you are chewing through it..

Can’t eat, drink or talk

Had these a short while, not expecting results yet. But feel it’s misleading to state you can eat and drink with them. You actually can’t eat, drink or talk with them in. Will still wear them at night.

Hello Lauren, Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am sorry for the misunderstanding but on our website you can always find the following text 'You are not restraint from eating your favorite food when you start using our Kit. Of course, you should always wear the kit as much as possible, at least 6-8 hours every day for the best and quicker result.' Of course this is possible but not in the same time that you wear the aligner. If you want to use it during the day you have to take it of when you want to eat. For example when you have a braces treatment you can not eat some types of food (eg: almonds, peanuts, apples, nectarines, etc.) but when you are using our treatment you can eat all that you want, including (eg: almonds, peanuts, apples, nectarines, etc.) but not when you have the aligner in your mouth. Also, we recommend everyone to wear the aligner during the night to avoid this type of problems such as eating/talking/drinking. Regarding the reviews all of them are manually verified because a lot of them are coming from our competition. I hope I offered you the best explanation and I also hope that everything is clear for you now. If you still have questions please contact us at
Seem to be working!

Only worn then a little. Not seen a difference yet. Will wait and see.

Teeth straighten

Would you have to use this after the 4 month as your teeth move. So after wearing braces you have to wear a retainer. Would this be the same

Question not a review

I’m considering buying these. But would like to find out what after care is required once the teeth have moved into a perfect position ?? Would my teeth not just move back again ?? Should the retainer be worn once a month or once a week to keep them from going back to the way they were ?? Thanks


Thank you for your question. In case you notice your teeth moving back after you finished the treatment you can wear the Hard Aligner 2-3 times a month.

Very satisfied

I received the product 10 days ago and I've been using it during sleep as Looshie recommends. I am using the soft aligner and I fill pressure on my teeth when I take it off but to be honest I can already see some results. I spoke about that with customer support and they assured me that everything is all right, they are very responsive and the shipping time is good.

5 stars

I finally have the Hollywood smile I've been dreaming of. Looshie accomplished my wishes whit this product.

The best thing on Earth

This product is the best thing on Earth, I am very pleased about the way my teeth moved in such a short time. I absolutely loved this product.

Back with another review

When I first recieved mine I wrote a review about them being hard to keep on but after a couple nights I got used to them and they are definitely straightening my teeth Ive only had them a couple of weeks! Plus I only use them at night so I'm very happy with results so far!

Gonna Try It Anyway

I have an overbite, and it's actually hard to keep this thing in my mouth. I bought the soft one just because I wasn't sure. My jaw is going to be so sore wearing this thing everyday. Hopefully it works.. I'm supposed to bite down on it like I would naturally, right? Because this thing is thrusting my bottom jaw forward to match my upper, and I've got to bite down pretty hard to prevent it from doing that.

Just Bought

Just bought these with express shipping! Excited and hopeful for them to come ASAP!! Will update here on how it all goes.


Seeing if it’s real

Need advice

Hi guys,
Does individuals purchasing this item need to send in a mold of their tooth, in a bid for the braces to fit???
Thanks in advance

Testing it out

Finding out if this site is legit first lol

Well if my review posts up, atleast I know this site is authentic and legit to buy from lmao.


Hi Looshie, I just got my grade one aligner. I'm really hopeful it'll work out.. keeping my fingers crossed...

A product you can't go wrong with!

I have been using this item for two weeks, I saw an improvement after four days on my bottom and top teeth. I wear them every night for at least 6-8 hours. I am excited each morning when I wake up.I recommend this product as a money saver and a great enhancement to your outer appearance.

Satisfied Customer

I love these! I was getting a space between my top two teeth and after three days... literally, it was gone! I wish I took before and after pics, I didn’t think it would work! Satisfied customer!


I am having great luck with this! My teeth were so crowded I couldn’t get floss between them and even the dentist could not get between them easily. This has eased up and I can now floss normally and get the mouthwash between, etc. It is not causing any gaps which is good. This is allowing for my crooked/front section to begin to align properly and I honestly think within a few weeks I will have a reasonably straight smile for the first time in my over 50 years of life. Money VERY well spent and I am grateful to have found this!