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Amazing Results

This is probably the best 40$ dollars I've ever spent!!!!! I was getting ready to get Invisalign ($1800) but decided to try these first. It's only been a couple of weeks but I can already see the difference! I will post back if I encounter any issues but so far so good. They take a little getting used to, the first few nights I couldn't get through the whole night with them, but now are perfectly fine. I only use them over night and when I'm at home. I used the soft set for the first week but am now using the hard set (I'm a bit impatient). There is a slight discomfort as the teeth adjust but nothing intolerable. Compared to spending hundreds more on invisalign I would certainly give these a shot!!!!!! UPDATE AFTER 5 MONTHS: I LOVE THE PRODUCT, CHECK OUT MY PHOTO!

5 stars

One month in and my mouth looks very different.
I'm sticking to the rules, so soft first, hard second. It's working out. Slight discomfort in the shifting, but nothing I didn't see coming.
I'm thinking about doing 4 months each case (based off of how quickly my teeth shifted in 1 month). I'm very happy with my results so far, and will update my review.

It actually WORKS!

My son has been using these for almost 3 months now. He wear the soft during the day for a few hours and sleep with the hard. I’ve noticed a big change at the way his teeth look like. He stated they hurt the first few days. But get use to them they do work!!! I have his floss and brush before putting them in.

I wanted to really test these teeth aligner for a good amount before giving my opinion on them.
You get two sets of retainer braces, one soft and one hard. Start with soft.
I've been using the soft brace for about 2 months off and on and I'm pleasantly surprised at the results I got. I have slightly crooked teeth along with a pretty severe overbite. I started using the soft brace first mostly at night (I'll explain why in a moment) and I was suprised at how quickly I saw results. After about 2 weeks of wearing the soft brace for about 4 hours each night my teeth started to become straighter after every use and my overbite is slowly becoming less noticeable.
I'm going to tell you how I wear them and some tips I think would be handy for some people.
First off, I don't recommend wearing them during the day if you have things to do, since your teeth are being moved your mouth will be sore and it will be very uncomfortable to eat. I wear them at night and after I've eaten to avoid this. Trust me you don't want to walk around with a sore mouth all day. I also recommend brushing your teeth before wearing the brace. Also remember to clean the aligner with water before and after use. I've only used the soft brace for a little over 2 months but I'm already very happy with the results. I will probably begin using the hard brace after 6-8 months, which is much sturdier.
Overall this is an incredible product for the price, I saved thousand of dollars on braces. However with that said I would only recommend these to people with slightly crooked or messed up teeth, these aren't an all in one solution. Depending on the severity of your teeth these may or may not improve your teeth. I'm fortunate to have only slightly crooked teeth.
If you are wanting to give them a try I would definitely recommend this product.

Hair Towel Wrap - Microfiber Bath Towel
Love it

Not the best picture, but it works quite well. I have a lot of hair and it takes forever (4 hours) to dry. This keeps it up, and out of the way. Soaks up the water better than my regular towel. Go ahead and get it....price is right. And it works as expected!

Hair Towel Wrap - Microfiber Bath Towel
Love this towel

Holy moly... what can i say, except i freaking love these. Normally i have to put a ton of product in my hair to counteract my frizzy nature. Last night i showered and rather than using a terry cloth towel to wrap my hair, i used one of these microfiber wraps. I put it up and slept in it. When i woke up my hair was dried in fantastical curls. No frizz to be seen. I did my makeup and went to work. No product at all. Now halfway through my day, the curls have separated a little, but the amount of frizz is nothing compared to usual with no product. I don't know how I've never tried this in my 35 years of life.


.30 days! No return money

Love love love this stuff. Hated my lashes and my brows for years. I was actually considering paying to have my eye brows microbladed. But before I went through with dropped $500-1000 on that, I decided to give this serum a try. I have used this serum every single night after I wash my face on both my lashes and my brows. Below is a pic of the progress my brows and lashes have made since I first started using it. I have been using this for almost 2 full months now. My lashes are blonde so if I don’t have makeup on you usually can not see them....but if you look in the top picture my lashes are so long that you can actually see them. I love this product and will continue to use it! I have tried other products that claim to grow your brows and lashes and have had no luck....this one worked wonders for me!!!

I bought this serum 5 months ago, because of the great before and after pictures that I saw in the reviews. I was sceptical at first because I've tried other eyelash growth serums before without any noticeable results, but this one was reasonably priced so I figured it was worth trying. I applied it in the morning and evening each day. After 2 weeks I noticed that my scrawny lower lashes started growing--hey that was something! A few weeks later when I was putting on fales lashes ( Ardel 110, which are admittedly "natural" but have always been a significant improvement to my lashes) I realized that MY lashes were just as long (or at least some of them were)! I as I continued to use the serum my lashes filled out, the individual hairs got thicker, and they even curled up a bit at the ends. I can't believe it and I love it! I've had the same bottle for 5 months and am just now getting to the point that I need to get a new one.

I was skeptical about this product making a difference but it's only been 3 weeks and I am already seeing results! My lashes are very blonde and sparse but I am definitely noticing more fullness and length, which really pops with a quick coat of mascara. I have no irritation and the application is very easy. I've also been using it on my brows. This product has shortened my make-up routine because I don't have to spend 5 minutes applying 10 coats of mascara - one coat for color and I'm done! This product has a permanent spot in my beauty routine, and the price can't be beat!

I was skeptical about this product at first. I had research so many different eyelash/eyebrow growth serums and they all had mixed reviews, then I found Looshie pen and it seemed like the reviews were too good to be true.

I decided to give it a try, and now it’s a staple in my nightly routine. I already had long lashes, but they were brittle and quite thin. I also wanted my brows to fill in more. After 30 days of using this product every night, the results speak for themselves. My brows and lashes are darker, thicker, and overall much more healthy. I feel confident going out without mascara on because my lashes simply amazing now. I get asked constantly who does my lashes, and I’m proud to say I did with the help of this outstanding product.

I have now used this product for 2 months and I’m finally needing to get started on my second bottle. Not bad!

My tips? Be consistent, apply a liberal amount, and be patient. At first I was applying it right before bed, but I found my eyes would start watering as soon as I laid down and I didn’t think it was absorbing as well as it could have been. I now put it on about 30 minutes before actually going to sleep and no longer have watery eyes

Highly recommend!

I’m super happy with the results related to the price especially! My lashes are healthy too, soft and strong!

My lashes are so long compared to what I had before. In the beginning, there was a red line above my lashes on my eyelids that caused a burning sensation. I stopped for a few days and continued to use this product and as time went by, the irritation subsided. I will include a photo of my results! Another bonus is that I've been applying it to a thinning part on my eyebrow and it is much fuller now. I truly see a difference and the price is very reasonable when compared to other alternatives.

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the R+F lash boost and I found exactly what I needed! It took a couple weeks to see results but I'm glad I stuck with it. My lashes are SIGNIFICANTLY thicker AND longer. My pictures actually don't do the product justice. With my lashes curled with mascara, I look like I have super natural lash extensions or falsies. I have gotten so many compliments!

I had eyelash extensions and they did not come off well. They grew back fuller and longer. I've been using it about 4-5 times a week for 5 weeks. I will order again!!! No mascara on in either picture.

I have been using this now for a couple weeks and all I can say is wow. I can't wait to see one month difference.

I was skeptical when I first purchased this, always suffering from thin lashes and brows, but for under $20 it was worth a shot. I have been using it for just under two weeks and have already seen improvement! My lashes have gotten fuller and increased a bit in length which was absolutely crazy to me for such a short time using it, even as there were several days I had left it at home when I was out of town, thus not being able to apply it. My lashes are quite thin naturally so I have utilized it on them as well and they have definitely been growing more quickly than usual. I am definitely going to purchase another bottle!

Lashes have already grown in a couple weeks; this is the longest they have ever been, even without consistent applications!

I like that it work on brows and lsshes

This is my first try at boosting my lashes and I am impressed after a month. And I forget to use it a few days a week. I’m excited to continue using the looshie pen! I think they look natural as well.

This product is fabulous! I've used other products that are supposed to do what this does, but this one is the best. I've used Latisse and this is every bit as good...and a lot cheaper!

My eyelashes were very short and I started to notice growth within a month. I’ve tried several products and this seems to be the only on that’s worked.

I was discouraged at first since I don’t wear mascara on a normal basis and couldn’t really tell a difference. I got my hair done today and took a selfie and I can see the length and volume growth! I’ve been using this product for about two weeks now and can’t wait to see my results after a few months!

Highly recommend this product!